Monday, August 18, 2008

Chinese women's judo team makes breakthrough, hails teamwork

Thanks to comprehensive preparations, the Chinese women's judo team has made a historic breakthrough by winning an unprecedented three golds at the Beijing Olympic Games, said Fu Guoyi, team head coach on Sunday.

"We have analyzed our opponents very carefully before the Games," Fu told a press conference in the Athletes' Village attended by several coaches and champion judokas. "We also owe our good performance to the support from the home spectators, as Beijing is the host city."

The Chinese women were the biggest winners of the Olympic judo competition, taking three out of the total seven golds in women's events, followed by Japan with two, and Germany and Romania with one each.

The 33-year-old mama judoka Xian Dongmei, who defended her title in the 52kg category, attributed her success to the great teamwork.

Asked how she managed to retain her Olympic title, Xian said:"My physical condition is good so I can endure the hard training. And my coach, the research team and doctors all gave me great help. My success should be attributed to the great teamwork."

Xian, who gave birth to a baby girl 18 months ago, said:"When I won, I bowed to the spectators in all directions, because their cheers really motivated me."

"After the win, I called my husband. He congratulated me and I said thanks to him. It's very brief. I think our emotion is beyond language," Xian added.

The day after Xian was crowned, her husband and daughter came to Beijing for a family reunion.

"I was a coach in the Guangdong provincial judo team previously, and I think I will go back to continue my work there. As for the 2012 Olympic Games, I will decide later whether to attend them or not, according to my physical condition. Currently, it's too early to say anything," Xian said.

Besides Xian, Yang Xiuli and Tong Wen also won gold medals in the 78kg category and over 78kg category respectively at the ongoing Games.

Asked why the Chinese squad has won so many golds, Tong Wen responded:"I think it's only because our hard work has paid off."


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