Monday, August 18, 2008

No health emergencies reported since Olympics began

The vice director of the Beijing Health Bureau and spokesman Deng Xiaohong claimed that no public health emergency had been reported since August 7 at a press conference held for the Beijing Olympics and for medical security at the BIMC on the 17th. Deng said that since the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Beijing's medical security has been working steadily and well; and no public health emergency regarding polluted drinking water or infectious diseases had been reported, which was affirmed by and pleased the IOC.

Deng also said they have tested the health status of more than 70,000 staff at every venue everyday, make the necessary diagnosis, and take action to prevent unusual diagnoses in order to discover and control the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases. They also remotely monitor the air quality of public places. So far, everything is going very well.

In Beijing, 7,397 people related to the Olympic Games have been given a diagnosis; 1,445 of them have been treated at designate hospital locations; and 47 of them stayed in hospital. 931 athletic injuries have been reported, but most of those were old injuries and treated appropriately.

By People's Daily Online

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