Monday, August 18, 2008

Venezuela to launch Simon Bolivar satellite in Nov.

The Simon Bolivar satellite will be launched into the space on Nov. 2, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday.

Chavez made the announcement in his latest TV and radio program"Alo, Presidente."

The satellite, made in China, was named after "Simon Bolivar," a hero who played an important role in winning Latin America's independence.

Chavez said the Simon Bolivar satellite would benefit Venezuela's TV, internet as well as other communication systems, and increase its educational and medical levels. Its coverage will reach other Latin American countries, he added.

Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela Zhang Tuo attended as a guest at the TV and radio program, during which Chavez thanked China for supporting this project.

Chavez said his program "Alo, Presidente," which is now being broadcast through a Dutch satellite, would be broadcast through the Simon Bolivar satellite from November.


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