Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer sojourn aids China-Hungary ties

They sought solace in the comfortable summer of Hungary, looking for ways to escape the devastation of the Sichuan quake in May.

The 50 Chinese children recovering in their temporary Eastern European home is also a reflection of the true partnership between the two countries, Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany told China Daily in Beijing yesterday.

It is a partnership that involves the sharing of weal and woe, said Gyurcsany, who is in the capital for the Olympics.

"Somehow, this is the obligation of friends, to show that they feel each other's pain I think it was understood by our Chinese friends, not just by the political leaders, not just by the families who are very concretely involved in this gesture," Gyurcsany said, referring to his government's decision to host the Chinese children for the summer.

The quake victims are currently in good condition, he added.

Size is also not a problem when it comes to the friendship between Beijing and Budapest, he said.

"We are playing political and social games in different leagues," he said.

" a friendship in politics is not about who is bigger and who is smaller, but sharing the same values, understanding each other and helping each other.

Asked about the China-bashing episodes in parts of Europe before the Olympics, Gyurcsany said different countries should understand one another.

"It's very easy to judge from the outside who is right and who is wrong. But in all the cases it turns out that the situation is more complex than we had ever believed," he said.

"We have to respect each other's position and the way people in countries would want to live their lives."

Gyurcsany also acknowledged China's efforts in handling challenges and global issues properly, welcoming the increasingly prominent role it plays on the world stage.

"There are some countries who are concerned about that I see this phenomenon more as an opportunity to find new partners who have the strength and capacity to contribute to a harmonious world."

Gyurcsany, who arrived in Beijing last Thursday and left late yesterday, had watched several events including water polo, basketball and canoeing. Hungary had not won any gold medal as of yesterday afternoon.

"Currently, I am very happy that, in some team sports, we are very close to the final with a good performance," he said.

"We also have a very strong and successful tradition in canoeing and I think it's not an overestimated expectation if we believe that two gold medals can be won in that sport."

Source: China Daily

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