Monday, August 18, 2008

Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian barred from leaving island

Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bianhas been barred from leaving the island by prosecutors who searched his home and office in connection with corruption allegations.

The prosecutors seized five boxes of evidence and three computers on Saturday, and ordered Taiwan's former leader not to leave the island.

It is the first time that a former Taiwan leader has been put under such a restriction. All airports and ports have received the order.

So far, prosecutors have found that Chen's family has remitted large amounts of money to bank accounts in Switzerland, Singapore, Cayman Islands and other countries.

Four special bank accounts for elections have been discovered, with millions of NT dollars deposited or withdrawn in cash, according to a spokesman of the special investigation team.

The four newly-found accounts might be involved in money laundering as they had not been declared, as required by law, by Chen or the Democratic Progressive Party .

Prosecutors plan to summon Chen's son, Chen Chih-chung, and daughter-in-law, Huang Jui-ching, who fled to the United States only days before Chen revealed that he had done something that was "not allowed by law". Prosecutors also plan to question Chen's wife Wu Shu-chen once again.

Chen Chih-chung and Huang Jui-ching may be put on the wanted list, if the young couple do not return to Taiwan to face judicial probe, according to the spokesman.

The four members of Chen's family have four different explanations for the irregularities.

Source: Xinhua

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