Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijingers 'touched' by opening ceremony of Olympics

MOST Beijing residents were touched by the ``The Four Great Inventions'' performance during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games on August 8 in Beijing.

The ``martial arts and taiji'' ranked second and the 2008 percussionists were the third most popular performance, according to a survey by the Beijing Social Facts & Public Opinion Survey Center, Beijing News reported today.

Among 3,043 people who completed the questionnaire, 97.1 percent said Olympic events are the topics people are talking about the most these days. The others are Olympic news reports and Olympic weather forecasts, the report said.

About half of the interviewees said they were most concerned about the results of Chinese athletes. Just over 17 percent said they were most concerned about whether Olympic events go on smoothly, while 14 percent thought about the changes the Olympics can bring to Beijing were the most important and 11 percent the foreign media's evaluation of the Games was the most significant.

Most interviewees said the opening ceremony gave them a strong feeling that China was on the rise. The survey found that seniors expressed more patriotism than the younger generation, the report said.

Only 25.8 percent people in the group less than 18 and 35.4 percent in the 31 to 40 age bracket ticked off the box saying the opening ceremony made them fell that China was rising. However, about 45 percent of respondents aged 61 to 70 expressed a passionate love for their country in the survey, the report said.

Source :shanghaidaily

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