Saturday, August 16, 2008

DM: China-Germany military ties in a period of "good development"

Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie spoke highly of the China-Germany military-to-military relations in a meeting with his German counterpart Franz Josef Jung Friday afternoon.

"The relations between the two armed forces of China and Germany is at a period of good development," said Liang, who is also state councilor.

He said the two armed forces have had frequent high-level visits and extensive cooperation in various special fields of military affairs.

"The Chinese People's Liberation Army is ready to make joint efforts with the German side to continuously expand the fields of bilateral cooperation so as to promote the development of the military-to-military ties toward more fields and levels," said Liang.

He called on both armed forces to make contributions to safeguarding world peace and stability.

Jung, who is here to watch the Beijing Olympic Games, said the German armed forces were ready to work together with the PLA to further deepen relations between the two countries and armed forces.

He reiterated that the German federal government was consistent in its support for the one-China policy.

On the Olympics, he said the opening ceremony impressed him greatly and he congratulated China's remarkable preparation and organization work for the event.


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