Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Olympic-themed comics to land China

A first-ever Olympic-themed comics will be publicized in China in 2009, said the author of the comics Willy Harold Vassaux in Hong Kong Saturday.

The comics, named "Beijing 2008 La Grande Aventure Olympique", depicted the history of the Olympic Games from their origins in Ancient Greece to present days. In the 300-pages comic, 24 pages will be exclusively dedicated to the Beijing Olympic Games, said the hosting organizers, the Europe and China Friendly Chamber .

"I am very glad and honored that the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games gave recognition to 'Beijing 2008 La Grande Aventure Olympique' as the first-ever Olympic-themed comics and I promise a new chapter will be added at the end of every Olympic Games in order to show the world the Olympic history and spirit," said the famous Belgian comic strip artist Vassaux.

"Beijing 2008 La Grande Aventure Olympique" is the first Olympic comic book officially endorsed by IOC and BOCOG. The comic was translated into different languages years ago in Europe.

"This time as the hosting country, China is full of joy and honored to hold the Olympic Games in our home. We show the world our 5,000-year history in the 16-day Olympic Games. Now, ECFC would like to continue that and to add colors to the Games. Whatever the great buildings or whoever the great athletes, will both be involved in the comic and wide-spread," said Francis Lau, president of the Europe and China Friendly Chamber.

Vassaux has published over 40 comics strip and his masterpieces include Lombard, Soieil Editions, Dragaud, Helyode and others.

Source: Xinhua

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