Friday, August 15, 2008

Hong Kong police strongly condemn placings of hoax bombs

Hong Kong Police condemned here Thursday two separate makings of two hoax bombs in downtown areas, saying such acts were "serious crimes" and could face up to five years imprisonment.

"Such mischievous acts are extremely irresponsible," Assistant Commissioner of Hong Kong Police Suen Kwai-leung said, adding the police will take a serious view of the mischievous and investigate thoroughly to bringing the offender to justice.

Hong Kong Police received a report around noon Friday that a suspicious object was found at a parterre opposite the Shangri-La Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, before receiving another report of another suspicious object by the roadside in Mong Kok at around 14:45 .

Swift actions were taken by Police in response to the calls, including cordoning off the vicinity and temporary closure of traffic nearby.

Officers of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau then detonated the two suspicious objects, which were later proved to be two hoax bombs. According to police, the first suspicious object found in Tsim Sha Tsui was a mobile phone attached to electrical wires while the second one in Mong Kok was just a paper bag with a scrip saying "Be careful, with bomb!"

"We found no explosive or harmful elements from the suspicious objects," Suen said, adding there was no evidence that the two "mischievous acts" were linked with one another.

He noted that he believed the acts, though causing disruptions to social order, were not targeting the Olympic equestrian events and the police response level is still kept on "moderate."

"But we attach great importance to the case and are mounting comprehensive investigations," he said, "Hong Kong is a place with rule of law and we will not tolerate anyone to achieve one's end through violent or threatening acts."

Hong Kong Police warn that making hoax bomb is a serious crime and offenders upon conviction under the Public Order Ordinance will be liable to a fine of 150,000 HK dollars and five years' imprisonment on indictment.

The public of Hong Kong society were also reminded by the police to stay alert of any suspicious object or person and report to the police whenever appropriate.

Police also appeal to members of the public who has any information to offer to contact the investigating officers of Regional Crime Unit of Hong Kong Island at 2860 7845 or 9464 7288.

Source: Xinhua

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