Saturday, August 16, 2008

UK technology ensures clean Olympic water

A British water monitoring kit is used in China's National Swimming Center to ensure possibly the world's cleanest water for swimmers competing for Olympic medals in Beijing.

The kit tests for chemicals such as chlorine, alkaline and acidity level, ozone and other qualities across a full range of standards.

The kit is easy-to-use and monitors rapidly, in addition to being highly stable, compact and portable. "These kits are just what we need: they provide convenience, accuracy and low maintenance," said Mr. Chen Lei, the official in charge of maintenance for the Water Cube's swimming pool.

Test data can be directly transferred to a computer via a USB port. As well as conventional water testing functions, it also features automatic conversion of balanced water calculations. The kit can also recommend the ideal levels of conditioning chemicals to use, so that pool cleaners can keep the pool at its optimum. That means no more bleary eyes for Olympic swimmers!

Predecessors to the kit have been used at the Sydney Olympics; but the Beijing kit is the latest in advanced technology.

By People's Daily Online

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