Thursday, August 14, 2008

8 Chinese int'l popularizing bases are preparing to build

The seminar on building Confucius Colleges at Xiamen University had closed on August 12. Xiamen University received approval to build a southern base of Chinese popularizing. Today, 8 bases have been approved.

The other 7 bases are as follows: Chinese Popularizing Institute at China's Renmin University of China, Teachers for Chinese Popularizing Training Base at Beijing Normal University, Chinese Traditional Culture Research and Experience Center at Shandong University, Non-Lingua Franca Teachers Training Base at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, International Chinese Research Base of Teaching Textbooks and Methods at the Beijing Language and Culture University, Henan Chinese International Popularizing Base of Shaolin Wushu and Xinjiang Chinese International Popularizing Base.

Director of the Office of Chinese Language International Xu Lin said at the seminar that Confucius Colleges are widely distributed around the world. Building Chinese International Popularizing bases can support the Confucius Colleges with knowledge and technology; and make it much more influent to build Confucius Colleges.

A Confucius College is a nonprofit education institution jointly managed by China and foreign countries; and its purpose is to popularize China and Chinese culture. Until now, China has build 262 Confucius Colleges in 75 countries and regions, and 168 of them are running.

Source People's Daily Online

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