Friday, August 15, 2008

"Four great inventions" at Olympic opening warmly-welcomed

A survey by the Beijing Social Facts & Public Opinion Survey Center shows that during the opening ceremony, the most moving program to Beijingers was the "four great inventions."

When asked which program moved them the most, 2,932 respondents from Beijing indicated that the "four great inventions" best displayed Chinese culture characteristics. They made up 96.4 percent of the total number of respondents. And 90 percent of the respondents chose "Wushu, Tai Chi" as the most moving program.

Most respondents expressed that the opening ceremony led them to believe "the country is increasingly prosperous."

In addition, more than half of respondents said they followed mostly the "Chinese team's performance and achievements." 17.6 percent of respondents were most concerned with "whether the Olympic events would proceed smoothly;" 14 percent of the respondents were most concern with "the practical changes that Olympic Games brought to Beijing;" and more than 11 percent of the respondents most concern with the "foreign media's evaluation of the Beijing Olympic Games."

By People's Daily Online

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