Friday, August 15, 2008

Nearly 90% of Beijing citizens involved in Olympics

Statistics released by the Beijing Public Opinion Research Center on August 14 shows that nearly 90% of Beijing citizens said they participate in Olympics in various ways. On more than 3,400 questionnaires, when indicating the ways they participate in the Olympics, 16% of respondents said they are volunteers; more than half collected various Olympic souvenirs; over 60% watched the Touch Relay in Beijing; over 70% said they would support the "Green Olympics" and drive as little as possible; nearly 95% said they would "improve their character to promote the image of the city"; while only less than 1% said they did not participate in Beijing Olympics in any way.

Researchers said although it is known that a large number of citizens participate in the Beijing Olympics, indicated participation is still higher than predicted. The statistics also show that citizens are satisfied with the promotion of Beijing's environment. More than 80% of respondents thought littering and cutting in lines has decreased; while nearly 90% thought that other behaviors, including offering seats spontaneously and directions and staying in shape has increased.

When asked their feelings about the opening ceremony, respondents indicated the top two performances were "Four Great Inventions" and "Wushu, Taichi." Third place went to "pottery playing." For the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, most interviewees chose an "emphasize national characteristics and spirit" as the most appropriate description.

By People's Daily Online

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