Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic book sales going well

It is Sunday, August 10, in the Beijing Xidan Books Building. The Olympic books section occupies a prominent corner location where many readers are making careful selections and some are sitting on the ground, reading with great interest. More than 1,000 kinds of Olympic books are on display in the section and sales are good. Among them, "Fuwa's Olympic stories," published by the Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, and the Fuwa book series, published by the Beijing Publishing House, have been warmly received, especially by younger readers.

The fantastic opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on the evening of August 8 has sparked people's enthusiasm for the Olympic Games; and Olympic book sales continue to go well. Some figures in the publishing circles believe that the brilliant show of traditional Chinese culture during the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony provides a rare opportunity for publishing circles, related books should be published with illustrations in the future, easily understood and with a multiple-level introduction of China's history and culture.

According to incomplete statistics, publishing circles have already published more than 1,300 kinds of Olympic publications, covering many aspects such as the Olympic Games Wikipedia, competition rules, Chinese culture, Beijing customs and language learning. In fact, the business opportunities that the Olympic Games provides to publishing circles is not confined to Olympic Games-related literature, books related to traditional culture, tourism, and geography also continue to sell well.

Hao Zhensheng, director of the China Research Institute of Publishing Science, thinks that good sales of Olympic Games and the related reading material is a visual expression of the successful reform of our cultural system."

In recent years, through deepening cultural structure reform, the competitive power of China's publishing houses has increased. Sales and purchase are both high in the publishing industry. According to statistics from the General Administration of Press and Publication, China published 248,283 kinds of books in 2007. Book variety increased by 6.12 percent over the previous year. The total amount of the fixed price literature increased 4.25 percent.

Source People's Daily Online

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