Thursday, August 14, 2008

Over 510,000 take Beijing-Tianjin railway in 10 days

According to the Beijing Railway Bureau, since the Beijing-Tianjin railway opened on August 1, trains at speeds of 300 to 350 kilometers per hour have been running between the cities. Residents of both cities have welcomed the railway, and every weekend the rail cars are nearly filled to capacity with passengers. According to figures, from August 1 to 10, the new trains carried 513,700 passengers.

On August 10, the Beijing-Tianjin railway was flooded with passengers; almost every car was filled to capacity. That day, 94 trains ran between the cities, carrying 50,800 passengers. To make it more convenient for passengers to purchase tickets, the railway bureau has added new ticket stands. Not only can passengers buy tickets for trains starting three days before their trip at these stands; they can also buy return trip tickets at the stands and automatic ticket machines.

Source People's Daily Online

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